CARROT Weather App Reviews

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Hilarious and beautiful!

Excellent weather app with a sense of humor.



Full facial

Snarky comments with a twister of a comment at each step of the way. Twisted, depraved, we are not worthy. All hail the carrot dominatrix....

In french please!

hilarant ! Jadooore

Amazing app

Had some trouble with accuracy, something common among weather apps though

The best

weather app ever

Awesome, but

Rain/Snow Prediction in Germany too. PLEASE

So cute

Its a cute app that keeps making me smile, surely worth the money, make more like this


Gutsy. And because of that: just fantastic. Brings a smile to your face every time!


Wonderful, fun app. I really enjoy it, and Im not saying that because carrot kidnapped my hamster.....

Occasionally funny; weather manipulation not always successful - mostly harmless

Occasionally funny; weather manipulation not always successful - mostly harmless

Nice App

Very funny App!

Carrot gives you great weather - every single day!

I totally love Carrot weather - its sarcastic, hilarious and so much fun, no matter if its raining cats and dogs or bright and sunny. Makes me smile every day - on iPhone & apple watch. Highly recommended!

Beautiful but not perfect in Europe

The most beautiful app Ive seen on an iPhone. Unfortunately its not very precise in Germany.

Love it!

Not a monotone weather forecast! Bravo

Love the app, but the forecast is always wrong.

I love the app, but the weather forecast is nearly always wrong. Atm the sun is shining and there are no clouds, but the app says its raining.


If GLaDOS were a lot less physical this would be the result! Really cool app though a bit crowded in some places, but its weather info so Im not complaining

Love it

Crazy, funny, ironic/ cynical and nevertheless reliable. I really like the Secret Locations, wonderful idea. For me it works precisely with the forecast and present situation. If you dont like this kind of anarchy use one of this boring normal weather apps. Your choice, you are free to choose.

Well, but...

Looks nice and funny, but the weather just isnt correct for where I live (Bavaria, Germany), so its useless.

Simply entertaining

Quite clever and entertaining. Still has all useful info.

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